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Luis Rojas Alves's Bio:

Hi. My name is Luis Rojas Alves! I am a blogger, a writer, and an affiliate marketer come from Amsterdam, Netherlands. I usually write about tips for marketing and my experiences along with the best tools to earn traffic. Hope that it will be a useful site that can share everything with you. How To Get Virtual Interns For Web Design Marketing and SEO Blogging Research Social Media Site Updates! This was posted in a yahoo group I am in and I wanted to share it because I know that a lot of you have had experience sourcing staff, or outsourcing certain tasks.  Could you share your resources?  Trials/successes and failures… any suggested tools for someone to use or websites that you use for doing the outsourcing too would be great! I am a small business owner in the real estate brokerage field. I have watched several webinars and such promoting small business owners’ use of interns to help grow their business in areas such as research, direct sales, web development, SEO, marketing research, business automation, and so much more. I have seen a lot of stories of people pulling off a good internship program within their offices – but all were larger operators than I. We own several properties, do property management, have a full-service real estate brokerage, offer discount brokerage services, property preservation (for bank-owned homes), do a lot of property valuations (Broker Price Opinions), and list a lot of foreclosures from government entities and several national mortgage loan servicers. Recruiting has been very difficult since we are so busy all the time – finding a good staff person is hard to do – and when I do I can’t help but feel like I put too much on their plate… and it's short-lived. I tend to work 14 hours a day and would like to cut it back a bit – I do a lot of the marketing, media, and print design work – especially online marketing and social media updates in the evenings and after hours… I do a lot of file auditing and book keeping in these late hours too… According to a few people who are trying to sell how-to books and forms – they have had a lot of success getting connections with various vocational and state colleges around the country that will offer their student various unpaid and paid internship positions – virtually… Anyone have any experience with this? Pitfalls? Success stories? There is no shortage of work to be done here – and I’d love to be able to teach some of the things we do here as investors and real estate marketing professionals to the next generation – and learn from them some of the newer emerging strategies and technologies as well… Follow my partner - Joey JR "Choose High-Quality Products on IM & MoneySavingExpert -" Ideas? Legal concerns? The process to work with college staff? What do I need to know to be successful at offering up an internship position?

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